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Thankful Thoughts

Welcome to Eternal Bouquets by JM! What are we thankful for?

by Mrs. Jennifer Bernal

November 23, 2022

To blog or not to blog has been a dilemma ever since I created our website. I always asked myself "Who would want to hear my story? Who would want to hear our story?".

Impostor Syndrome

I became a full-time Floral Designer in March of 2022 with the support of my husband, my daughter, my father and other family members. As many new business owners, I had a past, a lifetime career, not merely related to floral design. I often found it difficult to say aloud that I was a new floral designer. It almost felt that my 35 years of age, and over a decade of those were I was in public service, were just thrown out the window.

Nine months later, Eternal Bouquets has evolved exponentially, I have evolved. I am the happiest I've ever been. Waking up in the morning is meaningful and walking into my flower studio is invigorating. With our blog I seek to inspire by sharing who I am and who we are. I am seeking to inspire all who would like to start their own journey. I seek to share my journey as a Latina, minority business woman. I am seeking to share our journey as second generation immigrant family. I am seeking to share our journey as a Veteran owned and operated family business.

Thankful Thoughts

On this day, I, and we are thankful for you! You the person who patiently listens to my story standing in front of my work table while I design your florals. You the person who trust us to create a masterpiece that would transmit the feelings you intent your recipient to live. You who allow me the creative freedom to design with INTENTION.

We are thankful for all the floral & event design teachers and mentors we've had this year who have prepared us with the knowledge and tools necessary for success. We are thankful for the supportive floral community we are part of.

We are thankful for all the 2022 couples (over 20!) who have allowed us the honors to flower their most special day. This honor is one we do not take for granted and are incredibly grateful for. To have seen you in awe when experiencing our designs come to life has been the most rewarding. We love you!

Until Next Time

It turns out that as of this blogs' date, hundreds of people did want to hear our story. I am in happy tears. I have told the same story several times a day for the last nine months, and the story continues to be written...

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